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The farm

We love living in a rural area, and druing these years we have had different animals in our farm who live with us. The animals at Casa Rural Monaut farm are also part of the family and we like visitors to be able to have contact with them, always with respect and non-intrusion.

We look after about eleven mares (the males are destined for organic meat production) and twelve latxa sheep, which is a breed from the basque country. They live in Saragüeta, free, they are part of the landscape and have the important function of clearing the mountain, keeping it clean. They remind us the past of this valley, that has been bounded to stockbreeding.

Next to the house, the henhouse, which we built five years ago reusing the oak floor of the original house. The hens and their chickens are at their leisure and are one of the great entertainments for the families who come to our lodging with children. We insist at all times on respecting the tranquillity of the animals and their welfare. For many of these youngsters who come, catching a freshly laid egg at the end of the day is quite an event.

Next to the house you will also see the vegetable garden, a source of resources for us throughout the year.

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