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Routes through the Irati forest

From our rural house you have the Irati Forest in a comfortable journey and you can access two of the most charming valleys of this natural wonder: the environment of the Irabia reservoir, from which we suggest you walk around its entire perimeter through its forests; and the corridor that starts from the Orbaizeta factory to the Azpegi and Organbide hills, where you will enjoy the jewels of the Arpea Cave (France) and the ruins of the Roman tower of Urkulu. In the area, bordering France, there are also two important megalithic stations with abundant chromolith.

Return to the Irabia reservoir in the Irati Forest

Return to the Irabia reservoir

An essential tour to get an idea of the beauty of the forests of the Irati Forest. This is a marked out route, suitable for mountain biking and with little unevenness, as it runs along paths close to the water table in its northern section, and somewhat higher in its southern section. Essential in autumn and spring.

Cueva de Harpea in France Selva de Irati

Orbaizeta factory and Arpea cave

This route can be done mostly by car if we go with very young children. The purpose is twofold: cultural, by visiting the Orbaizeta Arms Factory (under construction) and the megalithic station of Organbide. And natural, by going down to this curious cave.

Roman tower of Urkulu in Irati
This route combines a visit to the important megalithic concentration of this pass and the Soroluze dolmen halfway up. The prize at the top of knowing and stepping on the Roman remains of a tower Trophaeum is priceless.


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