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PR Monte Larrogain from Saragüeta

This is a route with a mountain air to which you leave from the very door of Casa Monaut. A circular route through the Sierra de Labia to crown the summit of Larrogain. This is a little known mountain for the general public, but it overlooks Saragüeta and is visible from all over the Arce Valley

– 10 km
– Unevenness 543 m
– Medium difficulty

The idea is to join, in a circular route with a certain unevenness, two traditional paths that joined the villages of Saragüeta, Urdíroz (Valle de Arce) and Aintzioa (Erro Valley), on the west side of the mountain. The route is clockwise to face the climb to the Iturtxupera pass, which is more gentle in the upward direction. The ascent route from Casa Monaut is marked out with orange signs up to the summit itself. The descent towards Erro is marked in green and white, as it corresponds to another valley (Erro).

We will leave from our rural lodging by the lower part of the village looking for the cemetery of the town, located to a side, and the deposit and civic center to the other one, in the outskirts. At medium height, we will continue by a blurred and a little closed way until arriving at a closing of cattle. Parallel to us, but further down, it goes along the signposted path of the Villages that also leads to Urdíroz. The path becomes more and more important until it crosses the one that goes up directly from Urdíroz to Larrogain (1,277 m). We will face a very hard ascent of about 1,500 m and about 400 m of unevenness until the hill between the two summits (Portillo de Iturtxupera), located in land closed by the bojedal.

Once there, some plastic strips will help us to advance among the large bushes and the moss-covered beech trees until the crossing of the path that leads to the summit of Larrogain. As soon as we arrive at the top mailbox, we will enjoy a great view towards Mount Corona and Elke (in front). The Maple Valley will be at our feet. On this stretch of plateau the path gets lost very easily, so it is advisable to rely on the GPS at all times. We go back to the crossroads to start a marked descent along a narrow path, right in the middle of the Erro Valley. Below is the village that gives its name to the Peñas.

After descending clearly to the other side of the plateau, we arrive at a meadow next to a fenced-in chasm. Through increasingly open terrain, we are gaining several paths that come from the village to end up in the ravine drilled by the Arangoa or Botorrekalde streams. On the right bank of the stream we connect by the old road from Aintzioa to Saragüeta that descends through the beautiful Arrataka beech forest. After passing an avoidable uprising and a gate, we find the first houses of the village. As you enter Saragüeta, stop at the square to contemplate the beautiful cross under a humble roof. End of the tour, so it’s time to take a shower and rest at Casa Monaut.

Cima de las Peñas de Larrogain

The peak of Peñas de Larrogain, with the Arce valley at our feet, and the snow-capped Pyrenees in the background.




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