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Autumn in the Navarrese Pyrenees with us

bosque otoño
bosque otoño

autumn in the navarran pyrenees

It is autumn, a time of recollection, of pause, after so much light, warmth and sharing in the street all hours of the day. Autumn arrives and, step by step, it transforms the landscape turning the reds, golds, ochres, yellows and oranges into colours of peace and walks/a>. Autumn is coming.

It started with the cold, the jacket at dusk, in the cool morning… it usually starts soft because it knows that it is difficult to receive it, it is always early for us when it appears in these mountains; the days of sun, light, warmth are so few for those of us who live here.

There is everything, and the garden gives you back generously … and they make preserves, keep the pumpkins, jams, many times collecting what the earth gives us, preparing the firewood, cutting, stacking and gently, slowly you realize that you are already in AUTUMN and look a little for the rocks and is already changing the color.

You can see the oranges, yellows, browns, it is very soft … You still have to look a couple of times to see the preparation of nature for this time of harvest.
In the page http://www.misescapadaspornavarra.com you will find a lot of walks and routes of this area to enjoy them.

It is already here. The rain we have been waiting for and longing for on summer days. The terrain gets softer and seems more fluffy when you walk. In autumn we prepare ourselves for the long period of darkness that winter brings, when the nights become longer than the days. And, little by little, change is also coming to the house, the fire lit, the heat from the fireplace, the book or the notebook nearby… Another way to enjoy Casa Monaut and its autumn landscapes, with the falling leaves in the woods that, here, in the Maple Valley, are a spectacle for the senses.

That is why we invite you to enjoy it in our accommodation and, of course, in the Irati Forest, so close to the Saragüeta Forest, in the heart of the Pyrenees of Navarre. A dream beech-fir tree, painted in all the colours of autumn. Are you going to miss it?

It’s starting, you can see it and it invites you to get lost in its magic, it’s made me feel… look how hard it is for me to leave the summer and once again it has made me fall in love with its subtlety.

Ongi Etorri UDAZKENEAN, enjoy it.

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